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Corrections to Fume Hoods & Bio-Safety Cabinets 

Located at Jesse Brown VAMC, Chicago, IL

The scope of work was the demolition of laboratory equipment in an occupied space.  This included the removal of ten (10) source capture exhaust hoods including all associated duct work, removal of three (3) roof mounted exhaust fans, and the associated direct digital controls.  Infection control was required to maintain a “safe” space running at a negative with clean air scrubbers being used in conjunction with Starc panels.  Work was performed “off” hours with clean up and turnover performed prior to the starting of each workday.


Additional scope included the demolition and removal of one (1) bio safety cabinet including any hazardous materials which it contained and the removal of the piping and electrical feeds and terminations.  Disposal was performed per EPA standards.


The new work included the installation of ten (10) new exhaust hoods and two (2) bio-safety cabinets with all associated ductwork, piping, direct digital controls using VFDs, and one (1) new roof mounted strobic laboratory exhaust fan and one (1) general exhaust fan.  The laboratory room was tested and balanced to maintain negative pressure.


The original scope was increased at the hospitals request to upgrade the electrical infrastructure necessary to support the new equipment.  This was performed using the design build delivery method which included site survey, engineered drawings, field installation, and closeout including as-builts and warranty.   

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